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Hair…love it..

Just obligatory… let’s just take a moment and look at this perfection…

i’ve probably posted this before but fucking unf

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All the panties of ladies from tumblr…off

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As I lie I hear her shouting at me in 1963; sobbing in 1966. My fingers open. The photograph is falling…




“Every 5 minutes there’s somethin’, a bomb or somethin’. I’m leavin’. bzzzz.”

ruby rhod is fucking flawless anyone who disagrees can fight me

hahaha. not long ago i was telling my story of this song. back in the day, me and my (then) boyfriend were “madly” in love. he was this six foot something smelly goth guy who played the guitar and screamed for some band. we both loved a7x and warmness on the soul became “our song.” he’d sing it for me and i’d be all swooning and whatnot. i was crazy for the guy. six weeks later the dirty bastard left me for his friend and claimed he was gonna marry her. yeah, right. he was 19 and i was 15…of course i was heartbroken. as with any break up, i was crying a river of such emo tears and couldn’t listen to this song. naturally, i moved on. now i look back, listen to the tune and laugh my ass off. that guy is still being a lame who’s four years older than me with no life, no love and probably running the same game on poor little girls.

(the best part of the video is the little screamer at the end. priceless stuff.)

this is probably my favorite scene in the entire movie